How did I get Bed Bugs in the first place?

So, you have found Bed Bugs in your home. Probably they have been seen in your bedroom or you are getting bitten at night. The first thought that most people have is: How did I get Bed Bugs, I don’t have a dirty house?

Bed Bugs have no class system. They live everywhere and anyone can get them.  They don’t fly. Bed bugs get brought into your home, in luggage, rucksaks, purses, furniture, bedding, shoes or clothing. They can also walk through cracks in walls and floors.

Have you been on holiday recently?

The most common way for bed bugs to get into your house is through travel or holidays. And staying in hotels or apartments is unfortunately, pretty high risk. See our guide on Bed Bugs and hotels.

Have you bought any second hand furniture or clothes recently?

In these days of austerity, many of us look to save money by purchasing second hand clothes and furniture from charity shops or Ebay. Personally, I would never buy any used furniture. We get quite  a few phone calls from customers who find themselves with more than they bargained for after buying a settee, bed or other item of furniture either online or from a shop. Clothes are not as risky but ALWAYS wash or clean used clothes before putting them away or wearing them.

Have your kids had a sleepover?

Children play together. That was kids do. But has your child been to a house that has a Bed Bug problem. Bed Bugs are travellers and easily hitch a ride on socks, clothes and shoes.

Do you live in a flat or apartment?

Bed bugs often live or crawl in the spaces in between walls and if your neighbour has them, you might get them as well. That makes it harder for you to permanently get rid of them, until your neighbour sorts the infestation from there side.

Have you been on public transport?

Buses, trains, planes etc, are all places where you can pick up Bed Bugs. Just try to imagine how many different people park their backsides on a bus or train seat in the space of  a week. It’s a lot. And it only take one person to leave a bug behind and hey presto, it’s now coming to live with you.

The list of places or circumstances where you can unknowingly bring home a Bed Bug is a long one. But now you have found them, don’t bury your head in the sand. The problem will not go away by itself. If you ignore Bed Bugs, they will for certain, multiply. This is what you can do yourself to get rid of bed bugs: Click here.

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