Bed bug traps and monitors

Bed bugs traps and monitors are exactly as the names imply – you can both trap and   monitor a room for the presence of bed bugs at the same time. Hotels often have traps discretely placed under beds to give an early warning of any problems. They can be used either as a follow-up after treatment or as an indicator before a problem starts.

Most traps work by simply having some kind of sticky pad that a bed bug walks over and then gets stuck. But why would a bed bug find it’s way into the trap?


The more effective monitors and traps have some kind of attractant to lure the unsuspecting insect. Bed bugs are attracted to humans mainly by two things – (1) body heat, (2)  carbon dioxide that we breath out.


One type of trap (Bug Dome) is a plug-in device that uses heat to attract the bed bug. Another type (Agrisense) is a simple cardboard pop-up trap that emits an odour similar to that of carbon dioxide.

The cardboard type are very cost effective and if you have a hotel or guest house, you can place a couple of the under each bed without breaking the bank.

The heated type tend to attract the hungry bugs that haven’t fed for a while and so they are drawn to the heated trap that reaches a temperature to that of humans.

Bed Bug castor trap

The third type of trap is used to prevent bed bugs from climbing from the floor up the bed legs. The bed bug castor trap is placed under the bed castors and creates a barrier between the carpet and your bed. They are sold in packs of 4.

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