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Hearing frequencies of Cats, Dogs and other animals

Hearing frequencies of various animals from around the planet. This can be useful information if you are checking if an Ultrasonic Animal Repeller will work successfully with your particular problem pest. Species Approximate Range (Hz)  human 64-23,000   dog 67-45,000 … Continue reading

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Sentinel Ultrasonic Cat / Bird / Dog Repeller with adjustable frequency

The latest addition to our range of ultrasonic repellers is the Sentinel, our most powerful model yet, with a massive range of up to 100ft. The one huge advantage this model has above all the others is that the ultrasonic … Continue reading

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If you want to take your dog on a plane, The Vari Kennel (Sky Kennel) dog crate is the only airline approved pet carrier for transporting your dog or other pet on an aircraft. All  airlines will accept the Sky Kennel. The … Continue reading

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How to stop dog barking

Why do dogs bark? There are many reasons. It’s a form of communication but it can be a sign of boredom. Some dog barking can be traced to our behaviour towards our canine friends or it can be a natural genetic … Continue reading

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