Hearing frequencies of Cats, Dogs and other animals

Hearing frequencies of various animals from around the planet. This can be useful information if you are checking if an Ultrasonic Animal Repeller will work successfully with your particular problem pest.


Approximate Range (Hz) 


dog 67-45,000
cat 45-64,000
cow 23-35,000
horse 55-33,500
sheep 100-30,000
rabbit 360-42,000
rat 200-76,000
mouse 1,000-91,000
gerbil 100-60,000
guinea pig 54-50,000
hedgehog 250-45,000
raccoon 100-40,000
ferret 16-44,000
chinchilla 90-22,800
bat 2,000-110,000
beluga whale 1,000-123,000
elephant 16-12,000
porpoise 75-150,000
goldfish 20-3,000
catfish 50-4,000
tuna 50-1,100
bullfrog 100-3,000
tree frog 50-4,000
canary 250-8,000
parakeet 200-8,500
cockatiel 250-8,000
owl 200-12,000
chicken 125-2,000

Sentinel Ultrasonic Cat / Bird / Dog Repeller with adjustable frequency

100ft range
Sentinel Ultrasonic repeller with 100ft range

The latest addition to our range of ultrasonic repellers is the Sentinel, our most powerful model yet, with a massive range of up to 100ft. The one huge advantage this model has above all the others is that the ultrasonic frequency is adjustable. It means that the user can change the frequency to repel different animals and also “fine tune” the output for the particular location. For example, if you were to mount the repeller in a large building, such as a warehouse to repel Pigeons, the acoustics inside the property might need the tone to be a little higher or lower than if mounted outside. Simply turn the dial on the base of the Sentinel ultrasonic repeller to adjust the frequency either higher or lower.

made in britian

The Sentinel ultrasonic repeller produces a pulsating and aggressive ultrasonic sound similar to a siren which a bird, pigeon, cat, dog, rat, squirrel etc, perceives as extremely unpleasant and therefore avoids. Please note that it can only be set to repel one animal type at a time. In other words, it can’t repel cats and mice etc, at the same time because animals have different hearing ranges.

sentinel ultrasonic repeller instructions and use

The pest repeller is a mains only unit and comes complete with a mounting bracket and mains adaptor.

  • Always on – works 24/7
  • Range:     30mtr (100ft) approx
  • Waterproof
  • Power:     12v (mains adaptor included)
  • Size:         200mm x 160 x 85 (8″ x 6″ x 3.5″)
  • Adjustable frequency: approx. 8…40 kHz (± 15 %)
  • Made in the UK
  • includes wall mounting bracket & screws

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If you want to take your dog on a plane, The Vari Kennel (Sky Kennel) dog crate is the only airline approved pet carrier for transporting your dog or other pet on an aircraft. All  airlines will accept the Sky Kennel.

The airline approved Sky Vari Kennel is the safest kennel for animal transport money can buy and they are recomended by experts all over the world. The Vari kennel (Sky Kennel) safety features include strong plastic shells and sturdy wire mesh door. Also includes side ventilation grills and 2 x water bowls that clip on the door.

When deciding which size of sky kennel to buy for your dog, most airlines have the same guidelines. Your dog needs to be able to stand up inside the kennel without banging its head. The important measurement to check is the hieght of your dog when sitting up.

How to stop dog barking

OFFUTT AIR FORCE BASE, Neb. -- Norman, a 55th ...

Why do dogs bark?

There are many reasons. It’s a form of communication but it can be a sign of boredom. Some dog barking can be traced to our behaviour towards our canine friends or it can be a natural genetic trait. In many ways we condition them to bark. Think of this, “a barking dog gets attention” and that is what most dogs want. The fact that we might be reprimanding the dog, matters not, as long as the dog is getting what it wants. A dog bark can be a warning, a welcome sound but in many cases, it can be a very annoying noise.

If it’s a neighbours dog, try talking with your neighbour first. You never know, they might be quite receptive and not realise just how much noise their dog is making whilst they are out at work.


Can I stop a dog barking?

It’s natural for a dog to bark, but sometimes it gets obsessive, out of hand and has to be stopped. In most cases you can stop barking or at least, reduce it greatly.

We offer several different methods of dog bark control. These are either by sound and sense (spray) or by stimulation (mild static shocks). Collar fitted devices work well with your own dog, but if your neighbour has a noisy dog, you might want to buy a wall mounted ultrasonic bark stopper to overlook their garden.