Grumpy Old Man moment – snow

Shock Horror. Hold the front page! It’s January and it’s snowing.

It’s winter. It snows. That’s what happens. So why does every goddamn TV news channel insist on sending out camera crews to record footage of cars skidding and brats throwing snowballs.

At least when the weather finally warms up, we won’t have to watch TV reporters bleating about how many centimeters of snow have fallen in some godforsaken of backwater the UK.


Often in a winter weather news item, there’s nothing more than a light dusting of snow, but poetic licence converts it to a “white-out”. I’m hacked off with camera shots of reporters standing on street corners, or motorway bridges, pointing at “commuters struggling to get to work through the wintery conditions”, when in reality, their speed is probably no slower than at any other time of the year when they get stuck behind a Chelsea Tractor on the school run (a Range Rover or similar gasoline guzzling monster that never goes further than a mile to the school gates).

And as for our national winter sport of “close-every-school-because-there’s-1mm-of-snow-in-the-playground”, I’ll write about that later.