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New Website – Best Ultrasonic Cleaners .com

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new website that offers fantastic solutions for cleaning your jewellery. Best Ultrasonic Cleaners sell Ultrasonic Cleaners for cleaning Jewellery + lots of other household items. Regards Best Pest Control 

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Floods and problems with pests

FLOODS Floodwaters often bring mass devastation, flooding homes and other premises, causing stress and deprivation. The presence of floods also frequently heightens the risk of disease. Floods can create the perfect environment for pests, such as rodents, since they are … Continue reading

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News – Are cat flea infestations increasing?

BBC Radio 4’s consumer programme You and Yours has been flooded with reports of cat flea infestations following its broadcast on this topic last month. Articles have also appeared in the national press and on the BBC News website, with some of … Continue reading

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News – Retired civil servant pleads guilty in squirrel shooting case

On 17 January, Stockport Magistrates’ Court heard that Mr Worthington, known locally as ‘the verminator’, trapped the squirrel and shot it twice at point-blank range with a .22. He assumed it was dead, and went out shopping. On discovering it … Continue reading

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