How to stop dog barking

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Why do dogs bark?

There are many reasons. It’s a form of communication but it can be a sign of boredom. Some dog barking can be traced to our behaviour towards our canine friends or it can be a natural genetic trait. In many ways we condition them to bark. Think of this, “a barking dog gets attention” and that is what most dogs want. The fact that we might be reprimanding the dog, matters not, as long as the dog is getting what it wants. A dog bark can be a warning, a welcome sound but in many cases, it can be a very annoying noise.

If it’s a neighbours dog, try talking with your neighbour first. You never know, they might be quite receptive and not realise just how much noise their dog is making whilst they are out at work.


Can I stop a dog barking?

It’s natural for a dog to bark, but sometimes it gets obsessive, out of hand and has to be stopped. In most cases you can stop barking or at least, reduce it greatly.

We offer several different methods of dog bark control. These are either by sound and sense (spray) or by stimulation (mild static shocks). Collar fitted devices work well with your own dog, but if your neighbour has a noisy dog, you might want to buy a wall mounted ultrasonic bark stopper to overlook their garden.