Sentinel Ultrasonic Cat / Bird / Dog Repeller with adjustable frequency

100ft range
Sentinel Ultrasonic repeller with 100ft range

The latest addition to our range of ultrasonic repellers is the Sentinel, our most powerful model yet, with a massive range of up to 100ft. The one huge advantage this model has above all the others is that the ultrasonic frequency is adjustable. It means that the user can change the frequency to repel different animals and also “fine tune” the output for the particular location. For example, if you were to mount the repeller in a large building, such as a warehouse to repel Pigeons, the acoustics inside the property might need the tone to be a little higher or lower than if mounted outside. Simply turn the dial on the base of the Sentinel ultrasonic repeller to adjust the frequency either higher or lower.

made in britian

The Sentinel ultrasonic repeller produces a pulsating and aggressive ultrasonic sound similar to a siren which a bird, pigeon, cat, dog, rat, squirrel etc, perceives as extremely unpleasant and therefore avoids. Please note that it can only be set to repel one animal type at a time. In other words, it can’t repel cats and mice etc, at the same time because animals have different hearing ranges.

sentinel ultrasonic repeller instructions and use

The pest repeller is a mains only unit and comes complete with a mounting bracket and mains adaptor.

  • Always on – works 24/7
  • Range:     30mtr (100ft) approx
  • Waterproof
  • Power:     12v (mains adaptor included)
  • Size:         200mm x 160 x 85 (8″ x 6″ x 3.5″)
  • Adjustable frequency: approx. 8…40 kHz (± 15 %)
  • Made in the UK
  • includes wall mounting bracket & screws

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Prikka-Strip Cat & Squirrel repeller / repellent fence spike

We have added a couple of new deterrent products to keep Cats, Dogs and Squirrels away from your garden. They are quick and easy to install and not harmful to the animals at all. The products come in two types. One is supplied in strips for fastening along the top of a fence and the other is called a Dig Stopper, (£10.99) which you bury in the soil. Both types of Prickle Strip are made from moulded plastic that has spikes or “prickles” protruding. The spikes are not harmful, but they are designed to cause maximum discomfort.

dig stopper


If you have a cat that keeps using your flower bed as a toilet, or a dog that keeps burying his favorite toy, the Dig Stopper might be the answer you are looking for.

The Prikka strips will deter a cat from jumping into your garden from a fence. You simply fasten it to the top of your fence with either wood screws or use a silicone sealant that you can get from any DIY store.

For more information on Prikka Strip, CLICK HERE

For more information on Dig Stopper, CLICK HERE


Owl & Falcon decoys work by replicating the look and size of a real predator. Most garden birds will recognize the outline of the decoy as a bird of prey from a distance and want to keep away. But birds are not totally stupid and after a period of time, they realise that the predator hasn’t moved for a few weeks and so you might need to move it to a new position in your garden or allotment.

One of the most hated of all bird visitors are Pigeons (AKA rats with wings). If your question is: Will the decoy scare Pigeons away? Unfortunately the answer is not clear cut. For example, we get a customer who will order a decoy owl or falcon and then phone a week later and order two more. However, sometimes they email us a photograph of a pigeon sitting on the head of the decoy! With pigeons, sometimes the repeller works superbly, but at other times it doesn’t.

Having said that, of the decoys we sell, the Action Owl with a rotating head gets more consistently positive results with pigeons. It probably has something to do with the movement of the owl’s head in the breeze.

      owl & falcon decoy

All of the decoy repellers are a plastic, hollow, moulded shape with a removable bung in the base that you can fill with sand or soil to give the repeller some weight and stability. None of them come with fixings, but its not too difficult to drill a hole through the plastic and secure the bird with a couple of wood screws to a fence post etc.

Positioning any of the decoys requires a bit of thought. You have to imagine how it will look from a birds eye point of view as it approaches from 100ft in the air. Although you might want to hang the Flying Falcon decoy from a branch of a tree in your garden, when trees are in full leaf during summer, an incoming bird probably won’t be able to see it at all. If you can, find a raised location to site the decoy such as on the corner of a garage roof, or on a pole. Or even hanging from a washing line.

What’s an ultrasonic bird repeller?

We often get asked what is the difference between and audible bird repeller and an ultrasonic bird repeller?


To put it simply, “audbile sound” means that the noise the bird repeller produces can be hear by humans as well as birds. Ultrasonic sound is outside of the human hearing range and so it cannot be heard by humans.

Ultrasonic sound is so high pitched that only birds can hear it. They find it anonoying and so want to leave the area. Its not harmful, just annoying. And very effective!

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