Ultrasonic Cat, Fox & Badger repeller with flashing LED strobe lights

Keeping unwanted Cats, Dogs, Foxes and Badgers out of your garden at night just got easier with the ultrasonic pest repeller / deterrent with twin flashing LED strobe lights. The battery or mains powered deterrent can be used in a loft, where there is no mains power supply, to get rid of squirrels. The animal deterrent uses ultrasonic sound to keep unwanted pests away from your property. It has a flashing strobe light that works especially well against nocturnal pests such as Foxes or Badgers and it is the bright, flashing LED strobe that will help get rid of Squirrels. The ultrasonic pest repeller has 2 different frequency settings, so play around and see which one works for you. Importantly, the repeller has an on/off switch so it doesn’t have to be on constantly (when you’re in the garden, for example).

The PIR sensor detects movement infront of the unit and activates the ultrasonic sound and the LED flashing lights.

  • Ultrasonic frequency range from 18000 to 24000 Hz
  • Battery: 1 x 9v (not included)
  • 240v mains adaptor fitted with a Euro plug (supplied with a UK adaptor)
  • Keeps unwelcome guests from your property
  • High quality weather durable
  • Covers 80 Sqm square garden
  • 2 x bright LED strobe lights for extra effectiveness
  • PIR activated for long battery life
  • Size: 12.6cm x 11.2cm x 11.2cm
  • Switches off automatically when the animal has left the area for extended battery life


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Ultrasonic cat repellers – size matters?

The question to ask is: “do I need a large ultrasonic cat repeller or will a smaller (and less expensive) model get the same results ?”.

All our ultrasonic cat deterrents work very well, but it’s a case of picking the right machine for the size of your garden and the severity of the problem.

If you have a small garden, our best selling, smaller cat deterrent STV610 (£26.99) with a 30ft range, will more than likely do the job. However, if you have a larger garden, or a large number of cats that use your garden as a toilet or dig up your flowerbeds, you might want to consider the benefits of the bigger, 150ft range Sentinel ultrasonic cat deterrent (£129.99). Or even our latest model, the ultra-powerful Sentinel 3 way that has a three way speaker system and a maximum range of 300ft (£169.99).

 Sentinel 4 way ultrasonic cat bird pigeon fox badger repeller deterrent right.jpg                Sentinel 1 way ultrasonic cat bird pigeon fox badger repeller deterrent side 1

If you are considering splashing out on the Sentinel, one of our more expensive and powerful ultrasonic cat repellers, check the differences before you spend your hard earned cash.

30ft range
30ft range

The first and obvious difference is the effective range: 30ft for the STV610 cat deterrent compared with 150ft for the Sentinel. It’s not only the range in a straight line that is increased, but with the longer range, you also get a wider spread of ultrasonic sound from the 150ft model.

ultrasonic cat repeller operating ranges

The huge benefit that comes with the bigger Sentinel cat repeller is the adjustable ultrasonic frequency. The main reason this ultrasonic repeller stands head and shoulders above other models is because the frequency is adjustable. The user can very easily fine-tune the ultrasound to get the optimum effect for the creature you are trying to repel. The frequency can be adjusted to also repel rats, mice, squirrels, foxes, birds etc.

As the Sentinel ultrasonic cat repeller is so powerful, it is mains powered and therefore always working, giving protection 24/7. It comes complete with a mains adaptor & 10mtr of cable.


We now have an even more powerful model with a range of  300ft. The Sentinel 3 way ultrasonic cat deterrent.

Sentinel 3 way ultrasonic cat dterrent
Sentinel 3 way ultrasonic cat deterrent
sentinel deterrent operating range
sentinel deterrent operating range

More details and prices on all ultrasonic cat repellers can be found here:

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Blender (cat) repeller: keep your cat off the kitchen work surface

(Cat) Blender Defender.

One cat owner rigged an elaborate motion-detecting blender to teach his pet a lesson!  I wouldn’t do this, but I admit it’s amusing.

No animals were harmed in the making etc….

However, to keep your cat off your kitchen work surface, you could try this PIR repeller

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customer review – Defenders STV610 ultrasonic cat repeller

Below is an independent review of the STV610 ultrasonic cat repeller (£24.99free UK delivery). I came across it by chance and thought that as someone, somewhere out there had taken the time and effort to produce such a detailed review, I would reproduce it here in our blog.

**VOUCHER CODE** If you purchase the STV610 from our website, you get 10% discount. Use the voucher code “BLOG” at the checkout.

Customer summary:

I’m happy with the results from the STV Defenders ultrasonic cat repeller installed two years ago. The repeller hasn’t completely eliminated the problem, but it is a significant improvement when compared to the years before I had the repeller. I’m hoping the second ultrasonic repeller, which has just been installed, will be just as effective.

Full review:

All I will say is we have had problems with local cats fouling our lawn, and had tried a variety of remedies with varied degrees of success and expense. As a last resort, I purchased this inexpensive ultrasonic cat repeller in 2010, after learning a friend had success with a similar but much more expensive product. I also purchased the mains adaptor as I didn’t wish to spend a fortune on 9 volt alkaline batteries, or worry about them going flat.

I recently had to purchase another unit to stop cats fouling another part of my property. These are photos of the newer unit, though to be honest, the packaging and product looks very much identical to the one I purchased two years ago.

The Mega-sonic cat repeller was also previously known as the “Big Cheese” Ultrasonic Cat Repeller. Like other similar products, it works by detecting any change in heat signature within its vision of detection, and then emitting an ultrasound which apparently irritates or annoys cats (very young children and teenagers can also hear it apparently). Suffice to say, this product may not work with all cats, especially deaf ones !

stv610 inc mains

The PIR (heat) sensor, loudspeaker, LED and ‘test’ button are on the front. A stake can be attached to the unit for fixing into soft ground, or it can be hung on a wall (though the 1 inch screw they supply is far too short). Just like any other type of PIR sensor, it works by detecting significant ‘changes’ in infra-red heat signature within is detection range, which is likely to be caused by movement. When the unit is triggered, the red LED lights up for about 25 seconds in which time it is also emitting the ultrasonic sound.

One important point worth noting, is if there is no further change in the infra-red signature, the repeller will not be set off again. For example, if a cat wonders into the detection range and triggers the repeller. If the cat stays put and puts up with the noise, the repeller will switch off after 25 seconds. Only if the cat decides to ‘move’ again, is it likely to trigger the repeller and cause it to sound for another 25 seconds.

stv610 inc mains front close           stv610 inc mains rear close up

The test button on the earlier repeller had a tendency to stay jammed-in when depressed. As a consequence, the unit would not stop emitting an audible sound from its speaker. Pulling the green button out and refitting it was necessary. It’s too early to tell, but the button on my newer unit doesn’t seem as tight-fitting in its round hole, so hopefully is less likely to ‘jam’ when depressed. The red LED can be quite difficult to see if you are testing the unit from a distance.

The master on/off switch and socket for external mains adapter can be seen here.

stv610 inc mains base close          stv610 inc mains base open

The new mains adapter is different to the one I purchased in two years ago. The earlier model was a ‘transformer’ type mains adapter. This newer one which I think was introduced from October 2011, is similar to the type supplied with mobile phones and other gadgets nowadays. It is supplied with a 5m extension lead.

stv610 inc mains adaptor

Location, location, location and persistence

I position my cat repellers to guard our bare lawns only. One thing I have discovered is to ensure that walls and other nearby objects do not fall within the vision of detection, otherwise, it will desensitize the repeller when the weather is hot. The closer the object is to the repeller, the more it may be desensitised. What happens is the repeller may fail to distinguish a nearby brick wall which has been baked by the sun, to a cat wondering across the lawn further away.

If you have had persistent problems with cats fouling your lawn, you also need to properly clean up the area. This may involve hosing down the area after removing the new cat mess. I personally mix a bit of Jeyes fluid in an old watering can full of water, and use that ‘clean’ up an area after removing the cat mess. If you fail to clean up the area properly, the cats will just keep on returning.

Cats are also very smart. They may find blind spots in the repeller’s field of detection. You may need to move the repeller or install more than one unit. I’m happy with the results from the repeller installed two years ago. The repeller hasn’t completely eliminated the problem, but it is a significant improvement when compared to the years before I had the repeller. I’m hoping the second repeller which has just been installed will be just as effective.

The STV610 ultrasonic cat repeller can be purchased from Best Pest Control

**VOUCHER CODE** If you purchase the STV610 from our website, you get 10% discount. Use the voucher code “BLOG” at the checkout.

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Sentinel Ultrasonic Cat / Bird / Dog Repeller with adjustable frequency

100ft range
Sentinel Ultrasonic repeller with 100ft range

The latest addition to our range of ultrasonic repellers is the Sentinel, our most powerful model yet, with a massive range of up to 100ft. The one huge advantage this model has above all the others is that the ultrasonic frequency is adjustable. It means that the user can change the frequency to repel different animals and also “fine tune” the output for the particular location. For example, if you were to mount the repeller in a large building, such as a warehouse to repel Pigeons, the acoustics inside the property might need the tone to be a little higher or lower than if mounted outside. Simply turn the dial on the base of the Sentinel ultrasonic repeller to adjust the frequency either higher or lower.

made in britian

The Sentinel ultrasonic repeller produces a pulsating and aggressive ultrasonic sound similar to a siren which a bird, pigeon, cat, dog, rat, squirrel etc, perceives as extremely unpleasant and therefore avoids. Please note that it can only be set to repel one animal type at a time. In other words, it can’t repel cats and mice etc, at the same time because animals have different hearing ranges.

sentinel ultrasonic repeller instructions and use

The pest repeller is a mains only unit and comes complete with a mounting bracket and mains adaptor.

  • Always on – works 24/7
  • Range:     30mtr (100ft) approx
  • Waterproof
  • Power:     12v (mains adaptor included)
  • Size:         200mm x 160 x 85 (8″ x 6″ x 3.5″)
  • Adjustable frequency: approx. 8…40 kHz (± 15 %)
  • Made in the UK
  • includes wall mounting bracket & screws

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Cats and how to keep them out of your garden

If there is one problem that we get more phones call about than any other garden pest, it is cats. And generally speaking, it is a neighbours cat that has taken a liking to your garden and decided to use it as a toilet. It’s unpleasant, smells, carries bacteria and you want to get rid of it. However, cats are free spirits and they go where they want to. So how can you deter a cat from entering your garden?

There are several option available, some better than others. The electronic Ultrasonic Cat  Repellers tend to give excellent results that you can see almost straight away. Firstly, you need to ask yourself if there is anything in your garden that might be attracting cats. The main attraction for a cat is birds. If you feed birds, a cat will see your bird table or bird feeder as a fast food take-away. And a cats motivation to catch birds can be far greater than the deterrent effect of any electronic device.

Cat repeller
Cat Repeller 3oft range


ultrasonic repeller 100ft range
ultrasonic repeller 100ft range

To help break the cycle of a cat repeatedly entering your garden, it is best to stop feeding the birds for a couple of weeks when you first install the repeller. By doing this, it will greatly increase the chances of the ultrasonic repeller having a lasting effect on the cat. Once the cat thinks that there are no more birds in your garden, it will be less inclined to hang around and the ultrasonic noise will then chase the cat away.

bird feeder

Apart from ultrasonic repellers, you can try using cat repeller rods. These are small plastic rods about 6″ long that are impregnated with citronella and you push them into the soil. Some cats don’t like the smell and keep away from that area. But if you have a large garden or flower bed, it might be impractical to fill the whole area.


Another weapon in the arsenal at your disposal are Prickle strips. These are plastic strips that have pointed spikes. You either fasten them to a fence, or bury them under the surface of the soil. It will only take the cat a couple of painful  attempts at jumping onto the fence before it will stop. The spikes are not dangerous, just unpleasant and stops the cat using the fence as a launching platform into your garden.


You can find a complete range of cat deterrents here.


collage cat 2

An ultrasonic Cat repeller creates an uncomfortable environment that a cat wants to get away from. Most have an PIR motion detector, that when a cat moves infront of it, activates the ultrasonic noise that most cats hate. It’s not painful or cruel, just annoying to a cat.

The most common reason for purchasing such a device is to stop cats fouling on your lawn or flower bed. If you aim the ultrasonic repeller in the general direction of where the cat is pooing, it should work fine.

There are a few points to mention about positioning the ultrasonic cat repeller. They don’t work through bushes, shrubs, hedges or anything else that is an obstacle. The unit needs a clear line-of-sight for both the PIR motion sensor to be able to detect movement and the ultrasonic tone to be heard by the cat.

Many of us like to feed birds in our gardens, but this often attracts the unwanted attention of a cat who will see your bird table or bird feeder as a fast food take-away. A cats motivation to catch birds can be far greater than the deterrent effect of any ultrasonic repeller. To help break the cycle of a cat repeatedly entering your garden, it is best to stop feeding the birds for a couple of weeks when you first install the repeller. By doing this, it will greatly increase the chances of the ultrasonic repeller having a lasting effect on the cat. Once the cat thinks that there are no more birds in your garden, the ultrasonic noise will then chase the cat away

The most popular model is the STV610 that has a range of 30ft.


What is an ultrasonic cat repeller?

STV610 175x231

We often get asked what is the difference between and audible cat repeller and an ultrasonic cat repeller?

To put it simply, audbile means that the sound the cat repeller unit produces can be hear by humans. Ultrasonic sound is outside of the human hearing range and so it cannot be heard by humans.

The sound is so high pitched that only cats can hear it. They find it anonoying and so want to leave the area. Its not harmful, just annoying. And very effective!

If you have cats using your garden as a toilet, this is an inexpensive way to sort out the problem.

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