Cats and how to keep them out of your garden

If there is one problem that we get more phones call about than any other garden pest, it is cats. And generally speaking, it is a neighbours cat that has taken a liking to your garden and decided to use it as a toilet. It’s unpleasant, smells, carries bacteria and you want to get rid of it. However, cats are free spirits and they go where they want to. So how can you deter a cat from entering your garden?

There are several option available, some better than others. The electronic Ultrasonic Cat  Repellers tend to give excellent results that you can see almost straight away. Firstly, you need to ask yourself if there is anything in your garden that might be attracting cats. The main attraction for a cat is birds. If you feed birds, a cat will see your bird table or bird feeder as a fast food take-away. And a cats motivation to catch birds can be far greater than the deterrent effect of any electronic device.

Cat repeller
Cat Repeller 3oft range


ultrasonic repeller 100ft range
ultrasonic repeller 100ft range

To help break the cycle of a cat repeatedly entering your garden, it is best to stop feeding the birds for a couple of weeks when you first install the repeller. By doing this, it will greatly increase the chances of the ultrasonic repeller having a lasting effect on the cat. Once the cat thinks that there are no more birds in your garden, it will be less inclined to hang around and the ultrasonic noise will then chase the cat away.

bird feeder

Apart from ultrasonic repellers, you can try using cat repeller rods. These are small plastic rods about 6″ long that are impregnated with citronella and you push them into the soil. Some cats don’t like the smell and keep away from that area. But if you have a large garden or flower bed, it might be impractical to fill the whole area.


Another weapon in the arsenal at your disposal are Prickle strips. These are plastic strips that have pointed spikes. You either fasten them to a fence, or bury them under the surface of the soil. It will only take the cat a couple of painful  attempts at jumping onto the fence before it will stop. The spikes are not dangerous, just unpleasant and stops the cat using the fence as a launching platform into your garden.


You can find a complete range of cat deterrents here.