How did I get Bed Bugs in the first place?

So, you have found Bed Bugs in your home. Probably they have been seen in your bedroom or you are getting bitten at night. The first thought that most people have is: How did I get Bed Bugs, I don’t have a dirty house?

Bed Bugs have no class system. They live everywhere and anyone can get them.  They don’t fly. Bed bugs get brought into your home, in luggage, rucksaks, purses, furniture, bedding, shoes or clothing. They can also walk through cracks in walls and floors.

Have you been on holiday recently?

The most common way for bed bugs to get into your house is through travel or holidays. And staying in hotels or apartments is unfortunately, pretty high risk. See our guide on Bed Bugs and hotels.

Have you bought any second hand furniture or clothes recently?

In these days of austerity, many of us look to save money by purchasing second hand clothes and furniture from charity shops or Ebay. Personally, I would never buy any used furniture. We get quite  a few phone calls from customers who find themselves with more than they bargained for after buying a settee, bed or other item of furniture either online or from a shop. Clothes are not as risky but ALWAYS wash or clean used clothes before putting them away or wearing them.

Have your kids had a sleepover?

Children play together. That was kids do. But has your child been to a house that has a Bed Bug problem. Bed Bugs are travellers and easily hitch a ride on socks, clothes and shoes.

Do you live in a flat or apartment?

Bed bugs often live or crawl in the spaces in between walls and if your neighbour has them, you might get them as well. That makes it harder for you to permanently get rid of them, until your neighbour sorts the infestation from there side.

Have you been on public transport?

Buses, trains, planes etc, are all places where you can pick up Bed Bugs. Just try to imagine how many different people park their backsides on a bus or train seat in the space of  a week. It’s a lot. And it only take one person to leave a bug behind and hey presto, it’s now coming to live with you.

The list of places or circumstances where you can unknowingly bring home a Bed Bug is a long one. But now you have found them, don’t bury your head in the sand. The problem will not go away by itself. If you ignore Bed Bugs, they will for certain, multiply. This is what you can do yourself to get rid of bed bugs: Click here.

Can I get rid of bed bugs easily?

If you have discovered Bed bugs don’t worry, you’re not alone. Far from it. We get many calls every day concerning this fast growing problem. Getting rid of Bed Bugs is not always easy and there are only a limited number of options.

  1. Ignore the problem
  2. Call out a pest control company from Yellow Pages
  3. Save money and deal with Bed Bugs yourself.

Ignoring a Bed Bug problem is not a good idea because it will not go away or fix itself and for certain, it will only get worse.

If you decide to look through Yellow Pages and hire the services of a pest control company, it can be exceedingly expensive with some UK “professional” or “specialist” companies charging eye-watering hourly rates of £130+ per hour. And if you ask them if they guarantee to solve your Bed Bug problem, you might get a simple “no”, or an evasive answer or an awkward silence. To put the money into perspective, your local Doctor gets paid around £40 per hour. A heart surgeon when working for the NHS in 2011 earned an average salary of £60 per hour (£120,000 per year). I think a rate of £130 per hour that some Bed Bug control specialists charge is disproportionate to the skills, training and experience needed to carry out the work.

However, if your Bed Bugs have become well established, the infestation can reach the point where it’s simply too serious tackle yourself and you will have no choice but to bite the bullet and bring in a pest control company. There are lots of good companies that won’t cost you an arm and leg. As with all things, get two or three quotes. Check the hourly rate. Ask how many hours they will take. Ask if the price includes VAT. And ask what happens if you find Bed Bugs a week later – do they charge for a return visit. And ask for references from their customers with phone numbers and follow them up.

But if the problem is not too serious, you can follow our simple plan & guidelines and you should be able to get rid of bed bugs and have things under control. Depending how established the bed bug infestation is, it’s not always solved instantly and in some cases, it can take several treatments before bed bugs eradicated.


The one thing I can’t emphasize enough is a clean mattress. Bed Bugs love mattresses. To a Bed Bug, a mattress is a fast food take-away, with humans providing the source of food – our blood! It’s the perfect home being warm, dry and with plenty of food around. Best of all, a warm human to curl with and bite at night. It couldn’t get any better for them. One way to protect your mattress and importantly, break the life-cycle of a bed bug is to purchase a mattress encasement.

The Bed Bug Plan. You will need to buy:

1). Chose a day when you can treat the affected room(s) in one go.

2). Remove all the bedding down to the bare mattress and if you can, lean it against the bedroom wall. Wash the bedding on the hottest wash it will take. Clear the floor area and start by giving the room a good vacuuming.

3). Light one of our Bed Bug smoke bombs, close the doors and windows and leave for about 1- 2 hours. Open the windows, let the fumes escape then vacuum again. Clean around the edges of the carpet where it meets the skirting board.

4). Spray the bed frame with one of our Bud Bug Killer sprays.

5). And now the VERY important step. Encase the mattress in one of our Mattress Protector Covers. This will stop any of the eggs that will have been laid previously, from hatching in the coming weeks and getting out of the mattress. They will be 100% encased  / trapped and cannot get out at all. If you don’t do this, the problem will only come back in weeks to come.

6). In the following days and weeks, keep giving the room a good vacuum cleaning.

If you have more than one room infected, do both together. If you don’t, by simply walking from your ‘infected room’ to your newly clean bedroom can start the whole bed bug cycle again.

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An adult bed bug (Cimex lectularius) with the ...
An adult bed bug.

The fast acting smoke bomb for killing Bed Bugs releases a chemical smoke which kills all insects it comes into contact with in an enclosed area. It is ideal for infestations of bed bugs giving fast results.  Also it gives effective control of flying and crawling insects in difficult to reach places, loft spaces, empty glasshouses, bedrooms etc.

The smoke fumigators don’t leave any lasting smell or chemical film.

Simply close the doors and windows of the room to be cleaned and light small fuse on the top the fogger. Leave it for 2 hours before re-entering the room. Open the windows to let some fresh air into your room before giving the carpet a thorough vacuum cleaning to  remove any dead insects.

Note: The smoke will only be effective where it can get to or circulate around. For example, if your bed goes down to the carpet, the smoke will not get under the bed, therefore you might need to move some furniture.