Bird Free Optical Fire Gel – Pigeon, Starling repellent

If Pigeons or Starlings are your bird problem and you don’t want to have bird repeller spikes stuck to your ledges or balcony, Optical Fire Gel might be a solution. Bird Free Optical Fire Gel is a long lasting, ecologically friendly repellent for bird control problems.

The Gel’s chemical formula appears to a bird as fire because the visual spectrum of Pigeons  includes ultraviolet, thus creating the optical illusion of fire and so repelling birds.

The Pigeon repellent gel is supplied in 250 g tubes including 15 x 72 mm diameter dishes to place the gel into. Depending on the severity of the bird / Pigeon problem, the dishes need to be placed between 150 – 200 mm apart. This means that at a dish spacing of 200 mm, each tube has enough gel to cover approximately 5 linear metres.

The area to be protected must be cleared of existing bird fouling prior to installing Bird Free Fire Gel. Once clear, the Bird Free product is dispensed into small plastic dishes which are then fixed into position at intervals with a silicone sealant that can be purchased from any DIY store.

Each 250g tube can treat up to 5.25 linear metres of ledge or sill.

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