User guide – Slim line Ultrasonic Mouse, Rat & Spider repeller from Pest Stop

The latest slimline & discrete Ultrasonic Mouse, Rat & Spider repeller from Pest-Stop protects large sized house (up to 4000 sq.ft). The advanced ultrasonic mouse & spider repeller has separate settings for mice, rats and crawling insects (spiders).

The Ultrasonic pest repeller uses fluctuating ultrasonic waves to cause auditory stress to pests which disrupt their normal behaviour patterns and make it uncomfortable for them to stay in the same room. Additionally, the unit sends electromagnetic pulses through your home wiring circuit that vermin find uncomfortable.

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An ultrasonic mouse and rat repeller creates an uncomfortable environment that a mouse or rat wants to get away from quickly. The plug-in repeller emits an ultrasonic noise that vermin and rodents such as rats and mice hate. It’s not painful or cruel, just annoying to a mouse or rat.

vermatik 5 in 1 mouse repeller

Most of the repellers work in two different modes, but some have three.


It does this by using fluctuating ultrasonic waves to help keep your home free from pests. Once plugged into the plug socket, the units emits ultrasonic waves into the room and causes auditory stress to pests.


Once you plug the Pest Repeller into your mains socket it becomes part of the wiring loop throughout your home. It uses the wiring to broadcast an intermittent signal that again attacks the nervous system of the pest in your walls causing them to leave. This signal also can be felt by the Pest outwards from the wiring up to 6 feet. So this acts as a deterrent to pest coming into your home from the outside as they can feel these signals coming from your outside walls.


The ionic feature creates a stream of beneficial negative ions which helps destroy pollutants and bacteria in the air before you breath them in. These negative Ions are also effective at repelling ants, cockroaches, spiders and other insects.


QWill the plug-in ultrasonic repellers affect my TV? A. No
QWill it affect the phone line? A. No
QWill it affect my WiFi? A. No
Will it affect my pet cat, dog, rabbit? A. No
Will it affect my pet hampster, mouse, rat, gerbil or guinea pigA. Yes