Bed Bug proof mattress covers – a short video

One of the main weapons in the war against Bed Bugs is a mattress encasement. The Protect-a-Bed mattress encasement is the very best bed bug proof cover you can buy. They are guaranteed to be 100% effective in trapping bed bugs on the inside. And if Bed Bugs can’t get to you, they can’t feed on your blood and so they die.IFrameIFrame

protect a bed mattress encasement              protect-a-bed pillow-protector

Once the encasement has been fitted, you should leave in in place upto a year if you can (this is how long a Bed Bug can live without food). Normally you would place a fitted sheet over the top of of the encasement to protect it from stains etc.

We supply them in all bed sizes from a small single upto super king. More information and prices click here.