A guide to hotel bedrooms and Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are one of natures hitch-hikers. They can be very well-travelled and always at someone else’s expense. Staying in a hotel can be a great way to unwind, but it can also be the start of months of problems that last long after the hotel bill has been paid.

The most common way for bed bugs to be brought back to your home is through travelling and staying in hotels. If you keep in mind the thought that the room you are staying in for a night or two (and importantly, the bed),  will have had quite literally, hundreds of people sleeping in it before you. And those previous hotel guests might have also stayed in numerous hotels all over the world. That is how Bed Bugs spread so rapidly and easily. In other words, staying in a hotel for just one night might be the start of something that will take some time to resolve.

So, what can you do to prevent bringing Bed Bugs home? A quick 5 minute hotel room check list might you saves months of work, lots of stress and considerable expense. And don’t assume that because it’s a 5 star hotel it’s going to be free of bed bugs. We get calls from hotels at both end of the star rating. Studies show that most bed bugs are found within 15 feet of a bed, but obviously some may be further away. So the bed area requires close scrutiny.

  • Check behind your headboards
  • Check the mattress for bed bug signs (small dark brown stains or spotting on bedding)
  • Remove the bedding and check the mattress itself
  • Check upholstered chairs, drawers, carpets, closets
  • Check all the nooks and crannies of your hotel room
  • Don’t leave your suitcase on the bed, floor, or chairs in hotels

bed bugs on a mattress

And if you do find Bed Bugs…..

We English don’t like to kick up a fuss, but if you do find signs of bed bug, then tell the hotel you want another room and preferably, on a different floor altogether because quite often, it is a whole level that is infected, not just one room. Most hotels will move you without question.

Bedbugs don’t transmit disease, but they can  carry germs picked up from other humans.

Post hotel plan.

When you return home following a holiday that involved staying in a hotel, you need to follow a few simple tips. Firstly, don’t empty you suitcase in your bedroom. If possible, open as close as you can to the washing machine. Bedbugs can’t live in temperatures above 122 degrees Fahrenheit, so a good hot wash will kill any that you might have brought back. Dry cleaning is also an excellent way to kill bed bugs. Then vacuum your suitcase before putting it away. And finally, place the suitcase in a sealed plastic bag / bin liner. This last safety measure is just in case you missed a bed bug and if so, it will be trapped on the inside.

  • Don’t empty you suitcase in your bedroom
  • Wash every item of clothing (even if you haven’t worn it)
  • Vacuum your suitcase before putting it away


One thought on “A guide to hotel bedrooms and Bed Bugs”

  1. High heat can kill bed bugs and is considered more reliable than using cold temperatures. It’s also easier,simply a matter of throwing clothes into the washer and drye.

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